ICAI 2024 Exhibition

ICAI 2024 would like to invite companies, enterprises, academic institutions and researchers from the Applied Intelligence community to demonstrate their working systems (including softwares, hardwares, and any possible products related to applied intelligence) in a three-day environment that allows conference participants to view them first-hand in a manner not possible in a technical talk or poster session alone.

It also provides marketing companies the opportunity to market their products and services in front of many participants of the conference.

The exhibitors will be required to pay the registration fee of USD 1500. For this fee each exhibitor will have the 10'-by-12' booth and three days worth of publicity. The exhibitions/demos sessions are open to all attendees of the conference.

Please submit the following to the Exhibition Chair:

  1. Title of the exhibition(s)
  2. Author(s) or Company(ies) name(s)
  3. Contact information (name, e-mail, phone, fax)
  4. A PDF document with the description of your demonstration(s)/exhibition(s)
  5. Equipment brought by authors - Exhibitors are assumed to bring their own computers, such as desktops and laptops
  6. Equipment/resource requested from ICAI 2024. This may include amount of space and the number of power outlets.